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I am 16, from Portugal and I love to read books in english I just want to say sorry if this blog has lots of mistakes because english is not my first language

Lila series by Sarah Alderson

I loved this book, i never read something like this, there were powers which I knew about like telekinesis but then they were ones so cool like sifters and aura reader that I never heard about. What I enjoyed the most was that we never knew who was really the bad and the good ones and also Lila trying to get a hold of her power with the help of Alex.


The relationship between Lila and Alex was super cute but I thought Lila was a little bit dependent of Alex, she was always Alex this Alex. Sometimes it seemed like she loved Alex more than her own brother and that annoyed me so much, good thing she changes throughout the book and in the end I started to like her more.


 This book had a lot of unexpected twists and some of the characters like Suki and Nate made me laugh so much, those two were my favorite characters of this series.

The Promise of Amazing - Robin Constantine

 This book interested me because of the cuteness of the cover and also the title. I gave it a three star because it was too insta-love for me but reading from both points of view was something I liked very much.


  Wren is not a character I can relate to at all because no teacher has ever called me a quiet person, however she was fun to read but also annoying at times, she didn´t have an uniqueness about her so that made her kind of a boring character.


  Grayson wasn´t the normal bad boy I normally read about, when he meet Wren he was already changing andtrying to leave his bad boys ways, I honesty wasn´t expecting what we later discover about him and some things he did made me want to hit him.


  In spite the insta-love aspect of this, I enjoyed the way they meet and how they both had normal teen problems.

Looking for Alaska - John Green

 This is the third book I read from John Green, overall I have to say that in the beginning it didn´t captivate me much but it starts to get more and more interesting throughout the book. I love the writing style of this author, the characters are always so interesting and the other thing about this is that this book is divided by before and after.


The character were nothing like I expected them to be, mostly Alaska, I thought she was a sweet girl but she is definitely not, so that was weird but kind of cool. What I liked about her was that she was bold, she would say it right in your face whatever she was thinking but she was also crazy with changes of humor faster than a blink of an eye.

Miles reminded me of Colin of An Abundance of Katherine’s, skinny, book obsessed and a nerd, he annoyed me in the second part of the book, he just couldn´t shut up about it and realize that perhaps he was being a little selfish.


I liked Chip, the thing was I couldn´t imagine him smaller than Miles, the buff guy is always so tall and he was so small It was really strange but besides that, he was funny most of the time and a great friend for Alaska.


This book not only made me laugh with all the pranks that they do but also cry. I loved the ending just because it´s not a happily ever after but one that makes you wonder about many things, but mostly, life.