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I am 16, from Portugal and I love to read books in english I just want to say sorry if this blog has lots of mistakes because english is not my first language
The Promise of Amazing - Robin Constantine

 This book interested me because of the cuteness of the cover and also the title. I gave it a three star because it was too insta-love for me but reading from both points of view was something I liked very much.


  Wren is not a character I can relate to at all because no teacher has ever called me a quiet person, however she was fun to read but also annoying at times, she didn´t have an uniqueness about her so that made her kind of a boring character.


  Grayson wasn´t the normal bad boy I normally read about, when he meet Wren he was already changing andtrying to leave his bad boys ways, I honesty wasn´t expecting what we later discover about him and some things he did made me want to hit him.


  In spite the insta-love aspect of this, I enjoyed the way they meet and how they both had normal teen problems.